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I am Kenny Saylors, I am 46 years old and weigh over 400lbs.  Not long ago I tipped the scales at nearly 500lbs and personified an unhealthy, destructive lifestyle of poor choices in nutrition.  While I’ve never done drugs or been driven to alcohol, I am addicted to my drug of choice: unhealthy food.   And my drug isn’t illegal, it’s sold on every corner, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week… and worse, you actually NEED food to live!  


My quality of life due to obesity had driven me to an almost reclusive lifestyle.  I could not walk across a flat parking lot without losing breath, or even take on stairs without agonizing pain in my joints from the pressures of carrying around so much fat.  

"Reinventing Kenny is more than just  a BEFORE & AFTER photo...

                                                                         it's all about THE JOURNEY."

I didn’t WANT to be this way, but after more than a decade and hundreds of failed attempts to get my obesity under control - trying every eating plan, program and lifestyle imaginable - I had become hopeless and resigned myself to the fact that I would be ‘the fat guy’ for the rest of my life.  


I had become everything I never wanted to be.  I no longer valued myself.   I was depressed.  I was embarrassed of who I was.   No matter how much people told me to ‘love yourself’ and ‘embrace who you are’... I didn’t love anything about who I had become. 


It was in that moment I had a choice to make, I had to make significant changes to my lifestyle or meet an early, unnecessary death.   So I pulled out a camera, took photos I never wanted to take, but fully intended to use them as a reminder of where I was and motivation for where I am going… and to inspire others that the path back to wellness and health is not easy, it is full of potholes and mountaintops, but IT IS POSSIBLE.  If I can do it, then anyone is capable!     




Kenbags-cool shot.jpeg

Through dedication and exercise, I naturally dropped 80lbs, but found myself gaining back and slipping back into bad habits due to the ups and downs of the 2020 COVID pandemic.  At the turn of 2021, life took an even harsher toll on me, as I faced a series of emotional challenges in my life that broke me almost entirely and brought me to the brink of depression.  I weighed 420lbs and realized I needed a goal in mind and the accountability of people around me to achieve the impossible.  It was time for me to put this 15 year up and down weight loss saga to an end and achieve what has eluded me all this time.... it was time to knock out my final 220lbs and not only lose weight, but GET FIT!


So I reached out to my friend, health expert & fitness guru, John Jubilee about helping me achieve this goal.  John committed to guide me if I promised to follow thru, not for him, but FOR MYSELF.  To make this the final battle in my war on weight that has waged against me for more than a decade.   I have pulled together a team of professionals to surround me and push me beyond my limits to achieve the impossible dream and rediscover my health with fitness. 

This journey is full of immense highs and lows, and requires dedication to truly change one’s life and fight the fat after more than a decade of bad habits and food addiction.  This is why I have chosen to publicly document it all, in real-time, as I travel this road.  

I invite you to follow along with me, not only for you to find inspiration for your path, but for you to encourage and inspire me with your stories and victories.  

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